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Hunting, Fishing, Nature, Tradition (French: Chasse, Pêche, Nature, Traditions, abbreviated as CPNT) is an agrarianist French political party which aims to defend the traditional values of rural France. Its current leader is Frédéric Nihous. The party states it is neither right or left but represent rural people on the whole in their diversity.


Formed in 1989, it contested both the European elections of 1989 and 1994 without success. In 1999, it obtained six seats, led by Jean Saint-Josse who was at the top of the list. It lost all representation at the following election to the European Parliament in 2004, when it obtained less than the minimum 3% of votes that allow a party to be reimbursed for campaign expenses. Consequently, it faced a deficit of 300,000 euros. At one stage, it had 32 regional councillors, but lost all of them in that same year. After these problems, most members of the CPNT have joined the UMP or the Movement for France, but the party is still in existence, and nominated Frédéric Nihous, a hunter from Northern France, as a candidate in the Presidential election of 2007. Nihous won 1,15% of votes only, much lower than Jean Saint-Josse in 2002.


Electoral recordEdit


President of the French Republic
Election year Candidate # of 1st round votes  % of 1st round vote # of 2nd round votes  % of 2nd round vote
2002 Jean Saint-Josse 1,204,863 4.23%
2007 Frédéric Nihous 420,645 1.15%


French National Assembly
Election year # of 1st round votes  % of 1st round vote # of 2nd round votes  % of 2nd round vote # of seats
2002 422,448 1.67% 0
2007 213,448 0.82% 0

European ParliamentEdit

European Parliament
Election year # of votes  % of overall vote # of seats won
1989 749,741 4.13% 0
1994 771,061 3.96% 0
1999 1,195,727 6.77% 6
2004 297,389 1.73% 0


Election year  % of overall vote total # of seats won (23 regions)
1992  ? 29 in 13 regions
1998  ? 32 in 17 regions
2004 1.64% 0

In 2001 cantonal, the party polled 0.73% and won 4 seats. In the 2004 cantonal the party polled only 0.14% and failed to win or re-elect any incumbents. The party won two seats in the French cantonal elections, 2008.

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