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Alfonso Pecoraro Scanio (March 13, 1959), is an Italian politician. He served as Minister of Environment in the second cabinet of Romano Prodi between 2006 and 2008.

Born in Salerno, member of the Italian Chamber of Deputies since 1992, Pecoraro Scanio is the leader and current president of the Italian Green Party, one of the parties making up the ruling coalition in the new Italian government. He also served as Minister for Agriculture from 2000 to 2001 in the cabinet of Giuliano Amato.

He was also one of the candidates as leader of L'Unione for the primary election held on 16 October 2005, being fifth-placed with 2.2% of national votes.

Pecoraro Scanio has been accused of populistic and opportunistic behaviour for his position on the major waste disposal problem in Naples, which is part of his electoral region[1][2][3]

Pecoraro Scanio is openly bisexual.[4] He came out in 2000, becoming the first Italian minister ever to do so, and has often been insulted by a number of far right and populist movements. In June 2005, at a festival organized by the Northern League, a banner stating "Rape Pecoraro" was shown, which caused immediate outcry.

He has a younger brother, Marco Pecoraro Scanio, who is a former Serie A footballer and a senator for the Green Party too, elected in the 2006 election.

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